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  1. Love (23)
  2. Family (14)
  3. Myself (8)
  4. Friendship (17)
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  2. Quatrefoil (8)
  3. Tree life (5)
  4. Infinity (3)
  5. Key (1)
  6. Round (2)
  7. Month (1)
  8. Horseshoe (1)
  9. Elephant (1)
  10. Sole (1)
  11. Owl (1)
  12. Ala (1)
  13. Yet (1)
  14. Ape (1)
  15. Heart (5)
  1. Woman (62)
  1. Steel (25)
  2. Brass (45)
  3. Zircon (5)
  4. PVD rose gold (12)
  5. PVD Yellow Gold (7)
  6. Crystals (15)
  7. Stone (5)
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Jewels Bracelets La Petite Story

The Petite Story is a very chic and elegant jewelry brand inspired by our most important moments of life, like a motherhood, a love bond, a feeling of friendship, in short, all the unforgettable passages of life, with a jewel of this collection. It represents the female experience a lot and offers a wide range of charms of our choice, in fact it is possible to assemble the bracelets based on the moment of life we choose to represent and also to our taste. The brand presents in the 2019 catalog more than a collection of even themed bracelets , in fact the company has decided to take an initiative that concerns our four-legged friends by dedicating a line of bracelets with charms and the proceeds are donated to animals more in need of food, hospitality and care. In addition to this theme there are other bracelets dedicated to us women divided into various categories based on their meanings. Dog & kitty : themed collection for our puppies friends, eight steel bracelets completely covered with silver-colored microspheres all symbolized with a heart-shaped pendant and next to a dog or cat in various poses, with attention to the smallest details. Bangle : twenty-three semi-rigid bracelets with pendants with many meanings, only some dealing with the theme of love, two trees of life, and two others that symbolize two united circles, the other pendants are all one model and are: elephant, four-leaf clover, sun, hand, moon, infinity, owl and horseshoe all from the new collection, but if we have other preferences there are other pendants that we can equally assemble to the bracelet . The colors are in three variants gold, silver, rose gold plated. Babies : six bracelets dedicated to motherhood, available in all silver or silver with gold-colored inserts, these models are also composed of small balls that fill the bracelet with the pendant with bimbo⁄a, only one with engraving of the whole family and a other with the symbol of the cicciotto. Charms story : this line differs from the others in the choice of bracelets which in total are eight. The first three are always with the microspheres and the pendant below: hand, four-leaf clover, tree of life, while the other five have a completely different texture, they are very soft spiral effect combined with a trio of pendants that have materials, different colors and also the symbols. The pendants are monochromatic and two-colored gold, silver, rose gold, assorted among them, among the symbols there are: still, bee, infinity, wing, tree of life always assorted or combinable with each other. As materials instead steel, brass, zircons, crystals, yellow gold, rose gold. Life story : collection of eight bracelets divided into two models, four with a thin chain weave with a silver-colored medal and the overlap of the gold color symbol and are: hand, four-leaf clover, heart and tree of life, the rest have identical medals except one with infinity and the plot is different because it has microspheres and is not chain and is very similar to the previous ones. The first four colors are gold, silver, rose gold covered entirely with cubic zirconia with a central heart, four-leaf clover with the diamond detail in the symbol that is fixed and not leaning. The other five instead have the tris pendant with symbols identical to the previous ones, colors always like the first ones. In conclusion La Petite Story has dedicated six collections of bracelets , to capture moments and people in our lives, giving an emotional, romantic and sentimental meaning.

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Items 1-62 of 62