A story is made of special moments, it would be nice to carry them with us always !
Each symbol is a concentrate of emotions, to wear but also to give to the people of our heart. Because when we share an emotion, it turns into a special memory, a story to tell with a jewel.

San valentino


Kitty e Doggy, Babies
Two light, fun and luminous collections, composed of a line of steel bracelets enriched with crystals and precious finishes, which express through a symbol the joy of being themselves, with their own fragility and strengths. And above all with their experiences, their wonderful family and all the moments spent with special people, who have made us what we are. 





A series of medals, each with a different symbol: symbols of the family, symbols of love for their loved ones and their pets. A celebration of all that is beautiful in life with the simplicity of a jewel to wear every day. Its simplicity in fact never fails and with its shiny materials illuminates the day. Steel, crystals and golden finishes intertwine to make your jewel even more precious: the symbol on each medal is outlined in the beautiful nuance of yellow gold, while right in the middle shines a small crystal.

It takes very little to celebrate our history, a chain bracelet and a pendant:
simple but special!