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Summer, spring, winter, autumn: fashion knows no time. Every season has its trends, every occasion needs the right dress and above all the right accessory. For these reasons the petite story has designed and created a fascinating catalog with jewels of various shapes, colors and intended for all lovers of fashion and beauty. The point of excellence of these lines are its necklaces, designed and created with love and originality. These jewels seek harmony, balance, magic to never leave anything to chance. In fact the right importance must be given to the accessory. Each dress and every make-up can be enhanced and enhanced by the right necklace . For example, on the La Petite Story website, necklaces inspired by numbers are particularly appreciated. The number we know is a very strong symbol to which we link a search for symbolic value in search of fortune, love or passion. It is an access key able to attract energy and harmony. It can be used to always carry a particular memory, a date, a loved one and be suitable for every occasion. It stimulates curiosity and attention, especially when combined with the fantastic necklaces on La Petite Story . Choosing your lucky number to wear around your neck is like evoking a spell that is ready to come true. For this reason, the lucky number collection , available in eight different versions, is among the favorites of users who regularly visit the site. The jewels on the site, besides being beautiful and built with the best materials, can be purchased by anyone because the brand has created different creations for all budgets. Each item is well described both in its characteristics and in the use of the materials used. They are safe objects, suitable for every person. As known, the correct pendant must be applied to each necklace. It is no coincidence that the particular and sought-after symbolism is one of the characteristics most appreciated by customers who buy on the site. The search for space and the right harmony can be seen, for example, in the pendant that represents the tree of life , an object of rare beauty capable of attracting positive energy towards the wearer. The symbol attracts energies in its complexity to 360 degrees. Rooted on a solid foundation to offer stability and certainty to those who choose it, it is enhanced by the brilliance of the game of branches, roots and leaves, symbols of fertility, contact with the mother earth, life and energy. Beyond that a particularly appreciated necklace is the one with the stone pendant with the wing, a symbol of lightness, travel, promise. One of the favorite models is the one with the trio wing, anchor and cross symbolizing commitment, sacrifice, bond. It can be called a friendship necklace. The esoteric evocation is characterized by the refined shapes and the brightness of the details. The family line is for everyone. It may be the right gift for girls and boys, but it is also highly appreciated by women of all ages.

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