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Jewels La Petite Story

Sometimes the love one feels for one person is so strong that it is difficult to contain it, one would like to shout to the world. The same goes for the deep bond and the relative sense of belonging that one feels towards one’s family. When you want to always have something with you that can best represent these moods, the right choice can be found thanks to La Petite Story creations that make jewelry for girls with countless collections. The Love Jewelry collection and the Family Jewelry collection are in fact the perfect representation of the name they bear and the feelings they symbolize. Simple and light necklaces and bracelets, enriched with pendants from different subjects that describe the many facets of love. The Love collection is composed of rigid bracelets made of a thin brass wire, with PVD pendants in yellow or pink gold. The bangles, which are not equipped with a clasp, widen and tighten so that they can be worn thanks to a special metal processing. Each bracelet is embellished with three different pendants : one of these is always a small little heart, the second is a symbol and the third can enclose a sentence. Among the jewels for girls there are so many symbols to choose from they are really many, for example the symbol of the dolphin, the turtle, the starfish, the elephant, the moon or the sun is available. Some of these, such as the anchor and the starfish, are enriched with small crystals that make them even more elegant. The pendants that enclose the sentences are just as varied and with meaningful words: the queen of my heart, my joy, home sweet home, are just some examples that make the idea of what you want to show very well. The Family jewelry collection consists of bracelets , earrings and necklaces . The bracelets are all soft and equipped with a clasp that can be positioned in different sizes, so as to be worn in the most comfortable way. In each of them there are pendants that represent the shape of a child or a child, or reproduce a stylized family. In the most recent models of this line of bracelets the pendants are dedicated to dogs and cats, represented in different races, all accompanied by a heart-shaped pendant . This mating is also reported in the series of lobe earrings, in which each pair is made up of a stylized dog or cat plus a heart. In the pair of earrings dedicated to the cat, the tail of the latter is formed by small white crystals. The necklaces are formed by a thin steel chain, which has the same closure system as the bracelets , allowing it to be adapted in the best possible way. Currently two pendants are available, one representing a child and one representing a child. All these jewels, despite being very rich in details and perfectly in line with current fashion trends, have really affordable prices and are affordable for everyone. Jewels for girls that become the perfect idea for a gift to a dear friend, but also for themselves. All jewels , although belonging to different collections, always maintain the same young and feminine style, giving the possibility to wear jewelry belonging to different lines without exceeding and weighing down one’s own image, but making one’s style unique.

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Items 1-86 of 86