A little gem can tell a great story of friendship.
Adorable jewels that shine with a special light, thanks to beautiful crystals that enrich their simple but impressive structure.
Together with the crystals, which make up these delicate jewels, the protagonists of the collection are also the shapes and colors, proposed in some variations that you will love.


San valentino


Life Story, Lux Bangles
Every story, every adventure, every friendship and every experience makes us what we are and it's nice to celebrate our value with everyday jewelry that adds a touch of beauty to our looks. Precious colors, a shower of crystals and many special symbols to choose.  






There is the favorite of all romantic girls, the heart: in the bead version or with triple pendant, is ideal for a special gift or even to celebrate every day the beauty of love or friendship with a non-pretentious jewel . Among the symbols of the Lux Bangle collection there is also the four-leaf clover, for the most superstitious. The lucky charm perhaps the most famous in the world, designed for those who face difficult challenges and needs a bit of luck to face every moment with serenity. Luck is always welcome, especially if it comes in a format as cute as that of these bracelets. Lastly, a classic symbol of which no girl can do without, the circle. In fact, you will find the Lux Bangle bracelets also in the version with pendants of circle-shaped crystals, classic but with a different touch.

Young, cute and adorable
La Petite Story jewels are waiting for you to complete your look in every occasion.